Go on treat yourself!

All of our double rooms benefit from air conditioning, four poster beds and bedside lamps. The flash-packer in you knows it makes sense! 


There are two bathrooms with a toilet and shower and a further two separate toilets and showers located outside. What more could you want than showering under the beautiful African stars?

Our kitchen is well equipped and it is large enough to accommodate everybody!


2240 Meticais/night
Peak (22nd Dec-4th Jan)
8000 Meticais/night



Exceeded our expectations

“We thought that staying in a hostel would be a lower standard than most the hotels but it was actually the other way round. Top notch hotel standard!”

— J.A.

Best nights sleep!

“We moved from another place into Sundance because we’d heard it was a higher standard. Finally a place that actually has decent mattresses, fresh sheets and functioning air conditioning. Very high standard…”

— L.K.

Perfect location

“So close to the centre of Town and the beach. I treated myself to a private room and it was well worth it ”

— J.Y.


Spend quality time around good people